The Sunken Kingdom
by Peter Dubé

A story is haunting me. In itself, this is not unusual; stories are central, indeed generative, in my life, but the particular story is peculiar. It’s old and I suspect most people know it…

Web Exclusive

Considering Drake’s Poetics
by E Martin Nolan

While not devoid of poetic merit, Drake’s songs are designed to be hits that can bear repeated, but not necessarily close, listening. The question with such a strategy is to what extent lyrical content matters.

Short Fiction

The Wolf Expert
by Shaena Lambert

Raj has his laptop open, and he types as Kathy leans towards him, whispering intensely. She catches a glimpse of herself in the cabin’s living room window – pale face framed by red pigtails, next to the burgundy orb that is Raj’s turban…

The North Wing

Three Poems
by Nyla Matuk

A hard mauve cigarette case, Fabergé,
now leans against the back of a display
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

The Antiquarium