About CNQ

Canadian Notes & Queries was first published in 1968 by William Morley as a four page supplement to the Abacus, the newsletter of the Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association of Canada.  Modelled on the British Notes & Queries, it was a journal, as Morley wrote, “of little discoveries encountered, often by serendipity, in the course of scholarly investigation,” and queries which often arise in the course of research which are beyond one’s  “present resources to solve.”  Morley passed on the magazine to Douglas (now George) Featherling 22 years later, and Featherling, sensing that the internet would soon take over the magazine’s function as an academic bulletin, reinvented it until it took on something more closely resembling its present format: a journal of literary, cultural and artistic history and criticism. Featherling contiued publishing the magazine — depending upon the issue, with either “charming” or “calculated irregularity”  — until 1997, when he passed it on to Tim and Elke Inkster of the Porcupine’s Quill. Tim and Elke published 18 more issues over the next nine years, before they too decided to pass it on; so that now, the magazine which began in Montreal, then made its home in Kingston, Toronto, and Erin, finds itself in Windsor, Ontario, geographically pushing into the United States, as far south as anything might travel while still retaining the distinction “Canadian.”

But Perhaps this is as it should be.  Canadian Notes & Queries has long been concerned with borders and boundaries; with defining and shaping Canadian literary culture and taste.  The new CNQ: Canadian Notes and Queries is perhaps the most radically refashioned version yet.  Contrarian and controversial, we will continue to cover art and literature, and anything else remotely connected to the world of books, literature and art in Canada, with the same spirit, style and wit you have come to expect of us.

CNQ: Canadian Notes & Queries is:

Publisher: Daniel Wells

Senior Editor: John Metcalf

Editor: Alex Good

Reviews Editor: Zachariah Wells

Poetry Editor: Carmine Starnino

Contributing Editors:
Michael Carbert (Montreal, Qbc.)
Michael Darling (London, Ont.)
Amanda Jernigan (Sackville, NB)
George Murray (St. John’s, NFLD)