Number 79

The Short Story Issue
(#79, Spring/Summer 2010)

CNQ #79-88



  • Introduction by Clark Blaise
  • Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Mark Anthony Jarman
  • Notes in the Margin of a Marginal Form by Alex Good
  • It Needs to Be Said…Again:
    An Introduction to the Century List
    by Nigel Beale
  • The Century List by John Metcalf
  • “The Way the Skin of the Moment Can Break Open”:
    Reading Munro’s “White Dump”
    by Robert Thacker
  • The Mind of Alice Munro by Douglas Glover
  • World Processing: The Life of the Short Story Online
    by Richard Rosenbaum
  • The Wheat of Sadness:
    Editing Out the Chaff from the 2009 Giller Shortlist
    by Ryan Bigge


  • Knick Knack by Linda Besner


  • Sweet by Rebecca Rosenblum


  • “The Twisting Octopus”:
    A Reading of Audrey Thomas’ “Local Customs”
    by Michael Darling


  • Nathan Whitlock on Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro
  • Jeet Heer on The Last Shot: A Novella and Eleven Stories by Leon Rooke
  • Nicole Dixon on Journey Prize Stories 21 selected by Camilla Gibb, Lee Henderson, and Rebecca Rosenblum
  • Matthew Fox on Buying Cigarettes for the Dog by Stewart Ross
  • Caroline Adderson on Going Ashore by Mavis Gallant
  • Steven W. Beattie on The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood
  • Michael Carbert on What the Furies Bring by Kenneth Sherman
  • Sarah Neville on Open Wide a Wilderness:
    Canadian Nature Poems 
    edited by Nancy Holmes
  • Brian Palmu on The Invisibility Exhibit by Sachiko Murakami;
    Penny Dreadful by Shannon Stewart; and
    CUSP/detritus: an experiment in alleyways by Catherine Owen


  • Graves in the Afternoon by Murray Wilson


  • A Page From the Past by Jason Dewinetz