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CNQ finalist in National Magazine Awards

Daniel Wells

Congratulations are in order to Lynn Coady and Caroline Adderson, whose short stories published in Canadian Notes & Queries Magazine have been shortlisted for the National Magazine Awards.
Lynn Coady’s “Dogs in Clothes,” which appeared in CNQ 85 and Caroline Adderson’s “Ellen-Celine, Celine-Ellen,” which appeared in CNQ 86, both made the cut along with six other [...]

Reviewing with Andre

Zachariah Wells

When contributing editor Zachariah Wells read Andre Alexis’ critical essay “The Long Decline” in a recent issue of The Walrus, he had a nagging feeling of déjà vu. A couple of days later, he realized why…

February 1, 2010

Dear Mr. Alexis,

Thank you very much for submitting your essay, “The Long Decline,” to Canadian Notes & [...]

In the Trackless Wastes Beyond Emeryville…

Daniel Wells

… we are getting set to launch the new issue of CNQ: Canadian Notes & Queries, newly arrived from the printer. You might notice something new about it, a certain new spring in its step. And for subscribers, a certain something between its pages, printed specially for you.
It also [...]

Citizen Saul

Daniel Wells

In the current issue of The Walrus, regular CNQ contributor Stephen Henighan has an interesting profile of John Ralston Saul.  I must admit: I’ve not read much of Saul’s work.  I remember coming across his Voltaire’s Bastards back when I was a philosophy undergrad, reading a bit of it, sniffing contemptuously, and writing him off [...]

Sea Legend

Daniel Wells

I’ve been meaning to write about this title for quite some time now.  I have been a fan of Frog Hollow Press for several years.  They are without a doubt one of the best chapbook publishers in the country, both in terms of editorial quality and design.  Editorially credit goes to Shane Neilson, frequent CNQ [...]

the Essential Kenneth Leslie

Daniel Wells

We don’t review books by Biblioasis, or by CNQ personnel here. There are times I have regretted taking this stance, but the danger of the journal becoming merely another house organ would be too great if we did so. But that doesn’t mean we can’t plug the occasional title.
Yesterday I received The Essential [...]

Hugh Hood’s Odyssey (in Brief)

Daniel Wells

Many who follow Biblioasis and CNQ know that we started as used booksellers, and still maintain an online and by appointment shop.  we’ve only managed to catalogue a little over 7000 items over the last few years, of more than 30,000 currently in stock.  A lot of our stock, whether catalogued or no, would be [...]

Giller Prize Jury Announced

Daniel Wells

Michael Enright, Claire Messud and Ali Smith will judge the 2010 Giller Prize.
It’s an interesting selection.  Michael Enright is one of my favourite CBC radio personalities, one of the last and best of the old guard.   I was just thinking about him this morning as one of only a handful of CBC radio personalities I [...]

Let the Games Begin: Alex Good and Steven Beattie on Canada Reads

Daniel Wells

The best part of Canada Reads for the last couple of years has not been the program itself, or (with one or two notable exceptions) the books themselves: rather, it has been the day-by-day commentary by CNQ editor Alex Good and regular contributor Steven Beattie over at the Shakespearean Rag.   This year’s Canada Reads list [...]