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0 Griffin nominations

The Griffin Poetry Prize has announced its 2015 shortlist. The Canadian finalists are: Congotronic, Shane Book (House of Anansi Press)…

0 Where is the love?

Not, apparently, in university English departments. At least they don’t seem to have any for popular romance novels.  But perhaps…

0 Fanfiction 101

Fanfiction is popular on the Internet, sure, but does it belong in the classroom? Elizabeth Minkel, a fanfic fan, takes a closer…

0 Cellphones in fiction

As opposed to cellphone fiction, which is another story. Steve Himmer discusses the place of modern communication technology in literature,…

0 To be continued

You may  not have heard of the expression “continuation novel.” What it refers to is when one novelist writes as…

0 Best. Year. Ever.

What was the greatest year ever for books? If that sounds like it’s just a parlour game for literary types, that’s because…

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