Johnny Cash in the Viper Room (Cowboy Asylum)

Mark Anthony Jarman

For centuries I waited inside, waited out those fierce Irish immigrants on their black Blasket rocks surrounded by waves and weird red-legged birds and Viking raiders on the horizon. I was inside them, a salty cell or two, like a tiCony starfish glued to a rock, and now I am risen in southern California, rising [...]

Dogs in Clothes

Lynn Coady

You’ll be glad to get out of here, they all told Marco moments after shaking his hand, inviting him to sit down at the microphone. How long are you in town for? And Marco would tell the host, or producer, or whoever it happened to be, the same thing he’d been saying all morning: in [...]


Shaena Lambert

Dear Kenneth,
Perhaps you don’t remember me, and if not I will understand. It was a long time ago. More than half a century. Who could imagine time passing so quickly?
I lived in a beach house near Lund. We used to go out clamming together. Does that ring a bell now?
You rolled up your pants and I said you [...]

Tyger’s Demise

Nathan Whitlock

There have been a blessed many animals with whom I have shared this house, this life of poetry and art, this dream of living gods and walking visions. Many things have scratched, stretched, and slept in the places where the sun brings warmth and light to the slats of hard, blond wood that floor my [...]


David Solway

Travel is no longer the pleasure it once was, especially on Aegean boats, even if one is looking forward to visiting the Blue Island of Paros. On the Limnos today the decks were so crowded that at times it was almost impossible to move. The greatest source of danger is the perpetual buffeting proximity of [...]

Problem in the Hamburger Room

Laura Boudreau

1. The Hamburger
There is nothing in the first room until we get there and that is why we love it.
“This is not a gallery. It’s a hallway,” the guide says. We are both sympathetic towards the guide, who wears trousers one inch too short for her long and spindly legs. Such a trouser-wearer cannot be [...]

The Number Three

Alexander MacLeod

From Light Lifting.
The single fried egg might be life’s loneliest meal. He listens to the sizzle of unfertilized yolk and waits another second before lifting away from the heat. The timing is important. He wants the skin starting to harden but everything else still shaky and runny inside. It quivers on his spatula before sliding [...]

The Daybook of Yasser Sagherie

Marius Kociejowski

It used to be said of the Souq al-Arawam that business there was so tough whenever Satan walked through it he’d roll up his trouser legs so as not to get them soiled. If you met a girl and fancied her, it was best to tell a white lie and say your shop was just [...]


Rebecca Rosenblum

Syl had put up pictures of Brian in every room in the house – she had the ones Evan and Angie emailed printed at Blacks because she wanted the baby around all the time, as if he lived in their house instead of so far away. The snapshot in the kitchen was from the boy’s [...]


Terence Young

The usual library crowd: a few welfare mothers; this young couple with their first kid; a history buff with his cane and his Nazi belt buckle. I was no better than any of them. I’d scammed a research grant from the city, a story I’d fed the Archives Development Committee about the opium trade, links [...]