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Contact - CNQ



CNQ: Canadian Notes and Queries
1686 Ottawa Street, Suite 100
Windsor, ON
N8Y 1R1

Phone: 519-915-3930
Email: info@notesandqueries.ca
Twitter: @CNandQ
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cnqueries

For inquiries involving subscriptions, back issues, or advertising: subs@notesandqueries.ca


Published by Biblioasis Inc.

Publisher: Dan Wells, dwells@biblioasis.com
Editor: Emily Donaldson, ed@notesandqueries.ca
Contributing Editors:
Brian Busby
Jesse Eckerlin
Andre Forget
Alex Good
James Grainger
Amanda Jernigan
Kim Jernigan
John Metcalf
Patricia Robertson
Bruce Whiteman
Poetry Editor: Madhur Anand
Cover Image and Design: Seth
Composition: Chris Andrechek
Subscriptions: subs@notesandqueries.ca
Distribution: Magazines Canada
Printed in Canada by Friesens