Number 104

CNQ Issue #104
(Spring 2019)

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The Landscape

  • Seth

What’s Old  Notable CanLit reissues and offerings from the country’s antiquarian booksellers

  • Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Ontario J.H. Beers & Co., 1877
  • A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921 by L.M. Montgomery | University of Toronto Press
  • The Essential Douglas LePan selected by John Barton | Porcupine’s Quill
  • The Deserter by Douglas LePan Dundurn | Voyageur Classics

The Dusty Bookcase | A casual exploration of Canada’s suppressed, ignored, and forgotten literature

  • A Boy Genius Caught in an Adult Melodrama by Brian Busby 


  • “Postcard from the Outskirts” by Souvankham Thammavongsa
  • “Cabot Trail” by Ben Ladouceur


  • Oi! Eh? The bestselling voice of 1970s’ British skinhead youth by Ian Coutts
  • Conversations with Myself , The writing life’s irreplaceable satisfactions by Cynthia Holz
  • A Heart Set Adrift, Émile Nelligan and his translators by Michel Basilières
  • Embracing Everybody and Wrestling Trees, Walt Whitman turns two hundred by Bruce Whiteman
  • Go Forth and Multi-Panel Seth
  • In the Suds, The challenge, and perils, of translating kitchen slang by Pablo Strauss
  • No Country for Old Books: Reading “Canada Reads” by Brian Busby

First Reading

  • Voyeur de Bois: Rudy Wiebe’s The Temptations of Big Bear by Joshua Whitehead 

The North Wing

  • Marie-Claire Blais’ Mad Shadows by Fiona Smyth 

The Antiquarium

  • Vol. 8: Megan Webster, interviewed by Jason Dickson

Used and Rare

  • The Resistance: The underground movement aimed at ensuring books’ survival by David Mason


  • “Trios” by Cynthia Flood

CNQ Abroad

  • Beyond the Pale: In contemporary Belgrade, present and past collide by Marko Sijan


  • André Alexis’ Days by Moonlight by André Forget
  • Brent Hayward’s Broken Sun, Broken Moon by Alex Good
  • Ian Williams’ Reproduction by Brett Josef Grubisic
  • Ariela Freedman’s A Joy to Be Hidden by Myra Bloom 
  • Erin Moure’s The Elements and Cassidy McFadzean’s Drolleries by Andreae Callanan
  • John Miller’s Wild and Beautiful is the Night by Paige Cooper
  • Téa Mutonji’s Shut Up You’re Pretty by Dancy Mason


  • “Intention and Survival” by Stephen Fowler