Number 107

CNQ Issue #107 (Spring/Summer 2020)

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The Landscape

  • by Seth

What’s Old | Notable CanLit reissues and offerings from the country’s antiquarian booksellers

  • Grave Sirs by John Newlove | The Private Press of Robert Reid and Takao Tanabe, 1962
  • They Have Bodies by Barney Allen | University of Ottawa Press
  • Rockbound by Frank Parker Day | Penguin Canada
  • The Ravine by Phyllis Brett Young | Véhicule Press
  • Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen | McGill Poetry Series, 1956


  • Editor’s Note by Emily Donaldson

The Dusty Bookcase | A casual exploration of Canada’s suppressed, ignored, and forgotten literature

  • Montparnasse Microbe Mystery! Robert W Service’s The Master of the Microbe by Brian Busby


  • “Untitled” by Ulrikka S Gernes
  • “Thatching Mooed Epithets” by Basia Gilas


  • Pete & Jigs, 1918: Scenes from the other pandemic by Douglas Glover
  • Chance: Decades later, a murder’s tragic alignment still reverberates by Colette Maitland
  • Gone Before Breakfast: George Fetherling’s books by Bruce Whiteman
  • Does Anybody Care?: Canada’s appalling attitude to its literary culture by Nigel Beale
  • A Blog Too Far: The Canadian military prefers its soldiers to be seen, not heard by Kelly S Thompson
  • Double Dipping in the Second Wave: A feminist remembers herself by Elaine Dewar

The North Wing

  • Alice Munro’s “Runaway” by Meags Fitzgerald

Used and Rare


  • “Expectations” by Shelley Wood
  • “Twyla” by Alex Pugsley



  • Kat Cameron’s Ghosts Still Linger by Bruce Whiteman
  • William Gibson’s Agency by Paige Cooper
  • S D Chrostowska’s The Eyelid by Jeff Bursey
  • Michael Melgaard’s Pallbearing by Brett Josef Grubisic
  • Paul Legault’s The Tower by Alex Good


  • The Wellcome Museum of Medical Science by Stephen Fowler