Number 110

CNQ Issue #110 (Fall 2021/Winter 2022)

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The Landscape

  • by Seth

What’s Old | Notable CanLit reissues and offerings from the country’s antiquarian booksellers

  • Cree Bible Translated into the Language of the Kristeneaux, or Crees of North America by William Mason and Others | British and Foreign Bible Society, 1861-1862
  • Regina Manifesto by the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation | Service Printing Co., 1933
  • Their Man in the White House by Tom Ardies | Brash Books
  • Perilous Passage by Arthur Mayse | Véhicule
  • The Essential Elizabeth Brewster selected by Ingrid Ruthing | Porcupine’s Quill

The Dusty Bookcase | A casual exploration of Canada’s suppressed, ignored, and forgotten literature

  •  Weston to the World: Garnett Weston’s Poldrate Street by Brian Busby


  • “No Wave” by Stephanie Bolster
  • “You Forgot How to Be Alone” by Shazia Hafiz Ramji


  • Whatever She Is, She Is not Nothing: Recuperating Rupi Kaur by Carl Watts
  • Arrivals: How my mother’s journey became my own by Kornelia Drianovski
  • The Steal: When buying an eco-mattress gets weird by Joe Bongiorno
  • Telling the Story: Arthur Mayse and the writing of The Perilous Passage by Susan Mayse
  • An Unlikely Story: Robbie Burns in love by Luke Hathaway
  • Inside the Whale: A young bookseller comes of age in a Toronto megastore by Alex Boyd
  • When East Meets West: How Canadian geography feeds Western alienation by J.R. Patterson
  • Under a Maple Tree at Sunrise: Reading Indigenous writing, an Arab immigrant finds his place in Canada by Nofel
  • My Book, My Self: On memoir and the construction of identity by Ronald L. Grimes
  • Vision Quest: My initiation into Toronto’s psychedelic Church of Santo Daime by Drew Tapley
  • The Missing Page: In contemporary Tanzania, David Livingstone’s surprising, uncomfortable legacy by Rob Taylor
  • Love Poem: Shane Neilson’s New Brunswick by M Travis Lane
  • Sift in an Hourglass: Remembering Ralph Gustafson by Bruce Whiteman
  • Remembrance of Things Present: How we write ourselves by Aris Keshav

CNQ Abroad

  • Death Near Venice: On the eve of lockdown, a hidden spritz bar by Mark Anthony Jarman


Used and Rare

  • Archival Anecdotes III by  David Mason

The North Wing

  • Claudia Day’s Heartbreaker by Cai Sepulis


  • “The Pit” by David Huebert


  • Tamas Dobozy’s Ghost Geographies by Alex Good
  • Casey Plett’s A Dream of a Woman by Brett Josef Grubisic
  • André Alexis’ Ring by André Forget
  • Miriam Toews’ Fight Night by Rohan Maitzen
  • Zoe Whittall’s The Spectacular by Dancy Mason
  • Audreé Wilhelmy’s White Resin by Patricia Robertson
  • Don McKay’s Lurch by Bruce Whiteman
  • Wayne Johnston’s The Mystery of Right and Wrong by Kate Kennedy
  • Susan Olding’s Big Reader: Essays by Jeff Miller
  • Brett Josef Grubisic’s My Two-Faced Luck by Steacy Easton
  • Judith McCormack’s The Singing Forest by Naben Ruthnum


  • The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraph Code by Stephen Fowler