CNQ 106: Winter 2020


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The Landscape

  • Seth

What’s Old  Notable CanLit reissues and offerings from the country’s antiquarian booksellers

  • West by East and Other Poems by JEH MacDonald; drawings by Thoreau MacDonald | Ryerson Press, 1933
  • Heroine by Gail Scott | Coach House Books
  • Imagining Anne: LM Montgomery’s Island Scrapbooks by Elizabeth Epperly | Nimbus Press
  • The Damned and Destroyed by Kenneth Orvis [Kenneth Lemieux] | Véhicule Press


  • A Call to Canadian Writers by Patricia Robertson

The Dusty Bookcase | A casual exploration of Canada’s suppressed, ignored, and forgotten literature

  • Too Hot for Tories? Mark Tushingham’s Hotter Than Hell by Brian Busby 


  • “Visiting the Rothschild Collection, Tring” by Madhur Anand
  • “Letting Go” by Joanna Lilly
  • “Native Landscape” by Yuan Changming
  • “Wild Fire” by Mahak Jain
  • “Parable of the Flood” by Nicholas Bradley
  • “Weaselhead Flats” by Lise Gaston
  • “Akrotiri, Thera” by Roger Greenwald
  • “Does the river need me, I wonder” by Catherine Owen
  • “Fastenings” by Peter Anson


The North Wing

  • Al Purdy’s “Questions” by Seth 


  • Jennifer Ilse Black by Patricia Robertson
  • Waubgeshig by Sharon English

CNQ Abroad

  • How High the Water Rises by Erika Thorkelson

In Memorium

  • Beloved Land by Roz Spafford

Used and Rare

  • The Secret Memoir by David Mason


  • I’m Not as Pretty as I Look by Mary Lou Zeitoun


  • “Coming of Age and Narratives of Annihilation” by Sharon English


  • Lynn Coady’s Watching You Without Me by Alex Good
  • Christian Guay-Poliquin’s The Weight of Snow by JC Sutcliffe
  • Matthieu Simard’s The Country Will Bring Us No Peace by Michael Melgaard
  • Anosh Irani’s Translated from the Gibberish: Seven Stories and One Half-Truth by Naben Ruthnum
  • Leslie Vryenhoeck’s We All Will Be Received by Casey Plett
  • Jess Taylor’s Just Pervs by Brett Josef Grubisic


  • Oil for the World by Stephen Fowler