A school bus is no place for a reader


In a story that might have been taken from The Onion, but which instead is reported by the CBC, a Quebec school bus driver . . . well, you’ll just have to read this one for yourself.

An eight-year-old girl in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. was told she’s no longer allowed to read books on the school bus because it poses a risk to the safety of other students.

Sarah Auger loves reading and used to enjoy using her 20-minute ride to and from school to read for pleasure.

But recently, her bus driver told her she had to stop.

She says she was told reading posed a risk to other students on the bus.

He suggested they might stand up to see what she was reading, or she might poke herself in the eye with the corners of the book.

CNQ readers may be reminded of Jennifer A. Franssen’s essay “School is No Place for a Reader.” Now young book lovers can’t even get to school with a book in their hands!



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  1. What an idiotic driver. If ALL the kids on the bus were doing likewise, he would certainly have a quieter journey. Apparently the bus company is as inane as the driver, as they say each driver can make up their own rules.
    My rule would be to SACK the inane drivers

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